The Best Analysis of the Mike Daisey Story

My favorite analysis of the recent Mike Daisey brouhaha is The Jimmy McNulty Gambit by Aaron Brady in The New Inquiry:

Mike Daisey wasn’t the first person to make up a false personal story as a way of raising the kind of “awareness” that will necessitate change, nor was #StopKony the first hyper-successful campaign to take a massively complicated political-economic-military problem and reduce it to the narrative of a great white savior.

Great article. Draws on analysis by Slavoj Žižek, points out the systemic issues ignored by almost all of the Daisey and #StopKony coverage, looks at it through the lens of race AND ties it together with The Wire. Beautiful. Brady tells it all much better than I ever could. I'm just mad I didn't think of the McNulty angle first.