because wasn't enough for me

In 1998, my good friend and uber-geek, Eric Cheng, convinced me that I should register my own domain, based upon my name, so that no one else could claim it.  Much to the chagrin of all the other "Tony Lu"s out there in the world, I snagged  I started a blog - but I didn't have anything interesting to write.  So, like many blogs, it languished in obscurity and was soon buried under the dust of neglect.

But I kept the domain.  Because, hey, screw you, all you other "Tony Lu"s out there in the world - especially the ones who registered, and every other username that I wanted.  You may have scored some major internet properties, but I landed the big prize.

Then, in 2006, I started my own law practice, and I finally had a real use for the domain.  But really it was just a static web-brochure for my business.  It was cleanly-designed (by someone else) and informative, but, being a lawyer, I didn't particularly want my clients checking up on a personal blog to see what I was up to.

In the meantime, I hit the age of 30 and suffered a mini-mid-life crisis, and started running.  Literally.  Inspired by a Runner's World article, I once again started to keep a blog as a means of self-induced pressure; the idea being that once I had publicized to friends and family that I had a blog, I would feel like I needed to keep running and blogging out of a sense of social pressure.  But, again haunted by visions of my clients and adversaries poring over my blog entries, I decided to make the blog relatively anonymous, and called it Run Turtle Run.  (Why turtles? It's a long story, involving the death of someone's cat, a trip to S.F. Chinatown, a fish tank, the good people of the Bay Area Turtle and Tortoise Rescue, and some unknown lake in central California.)

This year, having left the practice of law, I thought a lot about restarting a blog where I could write about some of the random things I think about.  Over the years my brainwaves have more or less coalesced around a few topics: social justice, personal productivity, gadgets and geekery, and fitness.

Now that I work at a tech-oriented non-profit, it seemed as good a time as any to gather all these interests together into a newly relaunched blog and website.  Even if I don't have anything all that interesting to say, tinkering around on this site is now professional development, of sorts.

I'll keep my running blog separate, because I realized that most of my friends and family probably don't much care if I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning and it felt good.  Also, if by some miracle the things I have to write on this blog spread beyond the three or four friends who will probably actually read things that I post, and I have work acquaintances and professional colleagues who might be interested in things I have to say, I'm certainly not going to pollute this feed with musings on black toenails and the necessity of anti-chafing products.  Much.

I have big plans for this site and these blogs.  Big plans.  You'll see.

Oh, and, to all those other so-called "Tony Lu"s out there, I got you again. is MINE!  You can't have it!  Especially you, Tony-Lu-who-has-the-@tonylu-twitter-handle-but-has-only-tweeted-once.  I especially don't like you.  And if there's a "Tony Lu" in Luxembourg, who is now bemoaning the loss of his chance to register the domain of his name and his country, I'm truly sorry, my brother-in-name.  I hear is available, if you're interested.

(I will be accepting requests for *** and *** email addresses from "Tony Lu"s worldwide, so long as they are accompanied by a hefty processing fee.  I will also barter email addresses for good beer, single-malt scotch, or other "tonylu" internet registration names.)