Thirteen Years

Thirteen years is a long time. When I first came to New York, I never imagined that I would still be there, thirteen years later, married to a beautiful, amazing soul who is inexorably changing the world in her own quiet, loving way.

Thirteen years ago, I met you. I didn’t know then that we’d have thirteen years together. I just knew that I wanted to be with you. You made me see life differently, and you taught me to see the best in people, instead of only the worst. You taught me to give people a chance. You taught me how live with kindness and love in my heart in a world that often feels cruel and harsh and unforgiving.

Thirteen years is a lot of time for two people to grow up together, to build a home together, and to find a place in this world together. Thirteen years adds up to a lot of days learning from each other and loving each other. Each day is a treasure - and thirteen years is so much time that sometimes it’s easy to forget that.

Thirteen years is enough time for two people to walk the same path together and learn who they each really are. When you both want the same things - especially if they're big things like justice and peace and love - it feels easy to walk the same path. But a day comes when you realize that those big things aren’t everything, and maybe they're not enough. And maybe this scary truth was always in our hearts, but love was enough to carry us down the path together for thirteen years. Until one day we looked down and realized that we're no longer walking the same path.

Now, our thirteen years are over. We're travelling separate paths now, because sometimes love isn’t enough anymore. But thirteen years is a lot of time - more than many ever have. Thirteen years is a lot of happy memories and challenges endured; it's a lifetime full of love, with no regrets.

In thirteen years, we’ll look back on this moment and know that this was right. All of it - even this ending and new beginning. And we’ll know that we started down our separate paths with our hearts still brimming with love for each other, and that we were blessed to have walked together, hand-in-hand, for thirteen years.