Tony - Version 2.0 Release Notes

Thirty-six years in the making, the new version of Tony has now been released to the public. All prior versions of Tony will no longer be supported. This upgrade is free to everyone.

Detailed release notes below:


  • Trimmer, slimmer and Paleo. Twenty-five pounds lighter, and healthier than ever. We’ve adopted the Paleo/Primal diet and tried to keep up with exercise. No more grains and sugars. Lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and meat. And bacon. Mmm... bacon.
  • Bug-fix: Undiagnosed Adult ADHD, now diagnosed. Somehow we managed to make it through thirty-six years with a condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. No hyperactivity has been detected, but we've discovered that our underlying code is riddled with attention deficit issues. This year, with the help of of some very supportive people, we’ve identified this critical bug and have fixed it. Well, maybe not “fixed”. “Addressed” is probably a better word for it. But we’ve implemented measures that should improve basic functionality and dramatically increase productivity.

New Features

  • Now with improved energy, focus, and a positive outlook! Most of the time at least.


  • New Job - CitizenshipWorks Project Coordinator at the Immigration Advocates Network. Not actually brand new, but since July, full time. Working to create resources for immigrants who want to learn about naturalization, and partnering with some great organizations all over the country to change the way naturalization services are delivered. We’ve got some big plans. Huge. We’re going to change the world. You’ll see.